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I had been operating a vehicle unlocking service for about five years. I would get calls for other types of locksmith work that I knew nothing about. I told myself it was time to do something about this. I got on the Internet to find a course that I believed would teach me what I needed to know. This is when I came upon Assured Locksmith Career Training. I gave them a call and right away I could tell that they were professional. I was convinced that this was the course for me. I ordered the Deluxe Program. I could not wait to learn more. I took the course and had Assured Locksmith Career Training to help me every step of the way. After I completed the course I was able to take those calls that would come in other than car unlocking. I cannot believe the results that I am getting. I wish I had had Assured Locksmith Career Training's course six years ago. I am now able to successfully run my locksmith business. Thanks Assured Locksmith Career Training for allowing me to easily learn the things that I needed to know. Sometimes I can't believe the income!

Stacey D.
Prairieville, La.

About five years ago, I retired after twenty-five years as an electrical contractor. I soon found that retirement was not for me and began looking for the ideal business. I finally found it, but realized that I needed proper training. As a former student of Assured Locksmith Career Training, and now a practicing locksmith, I will say that I found the course very educational, challenging, and full of everyday practical information needed to function in the locksmith industry.

I have shown the course study materials to several practicing locksmith who have been in the locksmith business for many years. They have all said the information taught in the course was outstanding. The general feeling from everyone I have spoken to (members of the local Locksmith Association) is that the way the study materials and information is presented, is indeed the proper way to learn the business from the ground up. Some even commented they wished they had had something like this when they were getting started.

Aside from this and much more important is the help and assistance that keeps coming long after I graduated from the course. From early morning and into the evening I can call with any problems and the expert staff at Assured Locksmith Career Training will walk me through it, find parts I need, check with other locksmith in their vast network, on different procedures. This has perhaps been the most valued part of my association with Assured. I never feel like I am alone in the world, the help just keeps on coming and makes the cost of the course insignificant. I can’t imagine getting this much help, even if I had paid “Big Bucks” for a franchise…

I just can’t say enough, and I would recommend this course to anyone. My son-in-law got me interested in the business; my wife found it on the Internet and Assured has done the rest.

Bill B
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

Over four years ago I retired early and moved from England to Spain. After boredom set in I decided that I needed and outside interest. I came across Assured Locksmith Career Training. My concern was the fact that they were based in Florida and I was in southern Spain. But after several emails back and forth I took the plunge. I now have a very interesting and profitable locksmith business. I am very pleased to say that the relationship between the staff at Assured Locksmith Career Training and myself is such that we not only communicate via email when there is a business question but on a personal level as well. This proves that distance is no problem to learning the trade of locksmithing and I would highly recommend Assured Locksmith Career Training to anyone.

Roy K
Malaga, Spain

After completing Assured Locksmith Career Training’s training program, I find that I am very pleased with the training. The training was well organized, easily understood and clearly focused on the content necessary to become a competent locksmith. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to others.

Mark G.
Salyersville, KY

My name is Lindsay and I live in Waverly, Tennessee. When I became interested in learning the locksmith trade I started looking for a training school. I took a lot of time searching for a training school, but for some reason kept looking at Assured Locksmith Career Training. The training Assured Locksmith Career Training has provided me has been great. Although they are located in Florida and I am located in Tennessee any problems I may have had, they were there to assist me day or night, and they are still there if I have any question. I would recommend Assured Locksmith Career Training to anyone who is wanting to learn the trade of locksmithing.

Lindsay K.
Waverly, TN

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